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I prefer to have my toolbit right side up,
and at the front of the work, so I can see what I am doing.   So, I took a piece of aluminum 3/4" (.750") by 1 1/4" (1.250" Square).

Set the piece up in a vise, so that you can cut a close fitting slot of .250" wide" by .250" deep, across what will be the front of the adapter.   This slot has to be located so that .625" is left at the top of the adapter. The side view in the photo make this very clear.

Now turn the piece over so that the .250" slot is facing away from the front jaw of the vise, and nearest the movable jaw.   Mill a tongue that will be a close fit for the slot at the front of the Compound Slide.   This tongue has to be .312" wide by .281" high.

It has to be located .312" from the top of the adapter, and leave .625" at the bottom.

Now, put the adapter in the vise so that the .250 slot is against the solid jaw, and the top of the adapter is facing forward.   Use the front of the adapter, and pick up (locate) the edge. Move in .125".

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